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Breuss Lab Alumni

Jared Graham, PhD

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Jared grew up in Omaha, Nebraska before leaving for Iowa State University to earn a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. Having found that veterinary school was not the path for him, Jared moved to Chicago to join Insight Medical Genetics. Here, he found his career path in working toward becoming a Clinical Medical Genetics and Genomics Laboratory Director. Jared then earned his PhD at the University of Nebraska Medical Center under the supervision of Dr. Karen Gould studying the role of Estrogen Receptor Alpha signaling in a mouse model of lupus disease. After successfully defending his dissertation, Jared joined the Breuss lab in June 2022 as a post-doctoral fellow.

In July 2023, Jared returned home to Omaha and rejoined the University of Nebraska Medical Center to pursue a tenure-track faculty position investigating the genetics of autoimmunity. 

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